Irony, cynicism, and sarcasm are expressed in all languages, but can sometimes be difficult to learn. How do we say phrases like ‘yeah right’, ‘as if’ or ‘duh’ in Hebrew with friends? Guy explains the different ways to express these linguistic styles, and even what hand expressions you need to sneer like a smart-alecky teenager.


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Words and expressions discussed:

Kibalta matana la-chag? – Did you get a present for the holiday? – ?קיבלת מתנה לחג

Mamash, bidyuk – Right, exactly – ממש, בדיוק

Mamash, hu yiten li matana la-hag – Yeah right, he will give me a present for the holiday (not) – ממש, הוא ייתן לי מתנה לחג

Ata amiti? At amitit? – Are you for real? – ?אתה אמיתי? את אמיתית

Ei-fo? – Where (Not) – ?איפה

Eifo ata hai? Eifo at haya? – “Where do you live?” (You’re way off) – ?איפה אתה חי? איפה את חיה

Eize matana? – which gift? – ?איזה מתנה

Eize matana eize? – Which gift? – ?איזה מתנה איזה

Eize matana ve-eize naalayim? – “Which gift and which shoes?” (Yeah right, he’ll give me a gift) – ?איזה מתנה ואיזה נעליים

“Bala X wa-bala batich” (Arabic) – Without X and without a watermelon

Hem ba’u ba-sof? – Did they come at the end? – ?הם באו בסוף

Eize ‘ba’u’ ve-eize na’alayim – “What ‘they came’ and what shoes” (Of course they didn’t come) – איזה ‘באו’ ואיזה נעליים

Ma ata choshev? Ma at hoshevet?  – What do you think? – ?מה אתה חושב? מה את חושבת

Duh, barur she-lo – Duh, of course not – דא, ברור שלא

Tenachesh / Tenahshi – Take a guess – תנחש / תנחשי

Shlosha nichushim – Three guesses (Take a guess) – שלושה ניחושים

Hits-hakta / Hits-hakt oti – You made me laugh (Of course not) – הצחקת אותי

Lehats-hik – To make someone laugh – להצחיק

Ata tsohek, at tsoheket – You’re kidding me – אתה צוחק




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