‘Nai’m’ means pleasant, or nice. Let’s learn all about pleasantness – Guy teaches us sentences with this word that has had a long and successful career, along with Hebrew names related to its root. Oh, and how do you greet someone who just got a haircut in Arabic?

New Words and Expressions:

Kama na’im – How pleasant – כמה נעים

Mezeg avir naim – Nice weather – מזג אוויר נעים

Naim meod – Very nice (meeting you) – נעים מאוד

Na’im lehakir/Na’im li meod – Nice meeting you – נעים להכיר/נעים לי מאוד

Ze lo na’im li – I don’t like this, I find it awkward – זה לא נעים לי

Slicha, mamash lo na’im li, aval… – Excuse me, I feel awful saying this, but… – סליחה, ממש לא נעים לי, אבל…

Na’iman (Arabic) – Greeting to someone who finished a shower or got a new haircut – נעימן, نعيماً

Ani holem al Naomi – I dream about Naomi – אני חולם על נעמי

Names: Na’ama, Naomi (Nomi), Noam – נעמה, נעמי, נועם

Ata lo yachol la’asot et ze yoter be-noam? – Can’t you do it more pleasantly, quietly? – ?אתה לא יכול לעשות את זה יותר בנועם

Noam halichot – Pleasant manners – נועם הליכות

Ne’ima – Pleasant (f.), tune, melody – נעימה

Biluy naim – Have a nice soirée – בילוי נעים

Tisa ne’ima – Have a pleasant flight – טיסה נעימה

Playlist and Clips:

Ha-halonot Ha-gvohim – Kama Na’im (lyrics)
Jana Miqdad – Naiman (Arabic)
Yael Naim – New Soul
Hedva & David – Ani Holem Al Neomi (lyrics)
Yael Levy – Tmuna

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