Just a Sec: Hustling Patience Like an Israeli

So you’re in Israel. You’re chatting away with someone, and then they stop you mid-sentence. Surprise, surprise. How do you tell someone to “wait a minute” or “hold on a second?” Today host Guy Sharett talks about one of the most popular words in Hebrew, rega, moment, but also “just a moment.”

Words and expressions discussed:

Rega, rega’im – Moment/s – רגע, רגעים

Rega, nahag – Just a sec., driver – רגע, נהג

Efshar rega she’ela? – May I just ask one question? – אפשר רגע שאלה?

Rak shniya/daka – Just a second/minute – רק שנייה/דקה

Haké , haki, haku – Wait (imperative, m., f., pl.) – חכה, חכי, חכו

Haké shniya/rega –  Wait a bit– חכה שנייה/רגע

Haké-haké/haki-haki – Just you wait – חכה-חכה/חכי-חכי

Tsohek mi she-tsohek aharon – He who laughs last, laughs the best – צוחק מי שצוחק אחרון

Ten/tni li daka/shniya – Give me a minute – תן/תני לי דקה/שנייה

Ten li daka/rega lir’ot – Give me a moment to see – תן לי דקה/רגע לראות

Rak daka/shniya/rega – Just a moment – רק דקה/שנייה/רגע

Od rega/shniya/daka – One sec. – עוד רגע/שנייה/דקה

Od rega, ha-shakshuka ba-derekh – Just a sec., the shakshuka is on the way – עוד רגע, השקשוקה בדרך

Savlanut – Patience – סבלנות

Haké be-savlanut ba-tsad – Wait patiently on the side – חכה בסבלנות בצד

Ha-tarnegolim – Shir Ha-shchuna (lyrics)
Corinne Alal & Inbal Perelmutter – Kshe-ze Amok (lyrics)
Mati Caspi – Afilu Daka (lyrics)
Trem da Onze – Gal Costa
My Fair Lady – Just you wait
Hava Alberstein & Arik Sinai – Shuv (lyrics)
Hava Alberstein – Ha-layla hu shirim (lyrics)
Shlomo Artzi – La’azazel Eich Lo Yadati (lyrics)


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