Knock Knock, a Little Profanity Here

The word ‘lidfok’ in Hebrew is to knock or hit. As you might imagine, it means some more explicit things too. In this episode, Guy explains why words like ‘dafuk’ and ‘dfika’ are difficult to use but important to understand, and how some words just shouldn’t be used at all. Warning: This episode is not child friendly!

Words and expressions discussed:

Dafak – He knocked – דפק

Ha-geshem dofek – The rain is banging – הגשם דופק

Dfok dfok dfok al daltei marom – Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door – דפוק דפוק דפוק על דלתי מרום

Dofek ba-delet – Knocking on the door – דופק בדלת

Dafku lanu od knas – They slammed us with another fine – דפקו לנו עוד קנס

Dafku li doch / tluna – They slammed me with a police report / complaint – דפקו לי דו”ח / תלונה

Dafku lo makot – They beat him up – דפקו לו מכות

Dafak et someone – Had sex with someone (hardcore slang ) – דפק את מישהו / מישהי

Dafku oti – They took advantage of me – דפקו אותי

Lidfok et mishehu – To take advantage of someone – לדפוק את מישהו

Hi dafka oti, az ani edfok ota behazara – She “destroyed” me, I’ll get back at her – היא דפקה אותי, אז אני אדפוק אותה בחזרה

She-lo yidfeku otanu – So that they won’t rip us off – שלא ידפקו אותנו

Nidfakti – I was taken advantage by someone – נדפקתי

Dafak ta’rosh – He became stoned/drunk/crazy – דפק ת’ראש

Lo dafak heshbon le-mishehu – He didn’t give a damn – לא דפק חשבון למישהו

Ata margish et dfikot ha-lev – You feel the heart beats – אתה מרגיש את דפיקות הלב

Dfika, dfikot – Sexual intercourse/s – דפיקה, דפיקות

Dafuk – “Knocked”, miserable, not right in the head, crazy, ruined, terrible, oppressed – דפוק

Ha-dafuk ha-ze ose lach tov – This ‘not right in the head’ guy is doing you good – הדפוק הזה עושה לך טוב

Ya dafuk, lama lo amarta li? – You silly, why didn’t you tell me? – ?יא דפוק, למה לא אמרת לי

Ani ma-ze dafuk – I am so stupid – אני מה-זה דפוק

Sipart she-miyaldut at kvar dfuka – You told me you were “dfuka” since your childhood – סיפרת שמילדות את כבר דפוקה

Etmol dafakti shney hamburgerim ve-lazanya – Yesterday I pounded two hamburgers and a lasagna – אתמול דפקתי שני המבורגרים ולזניה

Hu dafak sham ne’um – He gave there a helluva speech – הוא דפק שם נאום

Dafakti avoda – I succeeded to do some work, I cranked out some work – דפקתי עבודה

Dafaknu avoda huh? – We got some work done, hey? – ?דפקנו עבודה, אה


Ruti Navon – Geshem Be-ito (lyrics)
Me’ir Ariel – Tuk Tuk Tuk al Daltei Marom (lyrics)
Eli Luzon – Eizo Medina (lyrics)
Pe’er Tassi – Dfikot Ha-lev (lyrics)
Yirmi Kaplan – Hadafuk Ha-ze (lyrics)
Dani Litani – Mashber Emun (lyrics)

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1 comment on “Knock Knock, a Little Profanity Here

  1. Perele Shifer says:

    you could translate dafuk as “screwed”

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