‘Hamud,’ which means ‘cute’ or ‘sweet,’ could be used in several ways, depending on the context and intonation. But just like in English, calling someone ‘sweetie’ in Hebrew isn’t always a good thing! Listen to Guy explain how ‘hamud’ can be either endearing or angry on today’s episode.

Words and expressions discussed:

Hamud – Cute, cutie, sweet, sweetie – חמוד

Lahmod – To covet – לחמוד

Alhamdullila – Praise be to god – אלחמדוללה – الحمد لله

Hamd (Ar.) – Praise – حمد

She-yihyu lecha male yeladim hamudim – May you have a lot of cute kids – שיהיו לך מלא ילדים חמודים

Ma kara lach, hamuda? – What happened to you, sweetie? – מה קרה לך, חמודה?

Hamuda – Sweetie (f.) – חמודה

Hammudi (Ar.) – Nickname for Muhammad, Ahmad & Mahmoud – חמודי

Hamudi – Sweetie (for boys) – חמודי

Omrim li she-ani hamud – They tell me I am “hamud” – אומרים לי שאני חמוד

Status hamud – Cute FB status – סטטוס חמוד

Shir hamud – Sweet song – שיר חמוד

Kelev hamud – Cute dog – כלב חמוד

Yeled hamud ba-kita – A cute boy in the class – ילד חמוד בכיתה

Eize hamud Justin Bieber – How cute is Justin Bieber – איזה חמוד ג’סטין ביבר


Opick feat. Amanda – Alhamdulillah
Efrat Gosh – She-yihye Lecha Tov (lyrics)
Rami Kleinstein – Tapuhim u-tmarim (lyrics)
Haparlament TV show – Hamuda episode
Majid Al Muhandas – Hamudi

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