It’s so hot in Tel Aviv, you cannot believe it. Ham! But if you want to say, “I am hot”, don’t translate directly from English to Hebrew. Listen to this episode first. Without your kids. You’ll understand in a minute.

Words and expressions discussed:

Ham – Hot, angry, horny – חם

Haya ham – It was hot – היה חם

Yihye ham – It will be hot – יהיה חם

Ham! – It’s hot – חם!

Ha-bos sheli ham alay – My boss is angry at me – הבוס שלי חם עליי

Hu ham esh, Hi hama esh – He’s horny, she’s horny – הוא חם אש, היא חמה אש

Haya li ham – I was hot – היה לי חם

Ham li – I am hot – חם לי

Ani ham – I am horny – אני חם

Haya li ham – I was hot – היה לי חם

Gal hom – Heatwave – גל חום

Hom – Heat, fever – חום

Yesh lo hom gavoha – He’s got high fever – יש לו חום גבוה

Mehamem eize marak kufsaot – I am heating up canned soup – מחמם איזה מרק קופסאות

Lehamem – To warm, heat up, to stir up, to inflame – לחמם

Tehamem ta’shnitzel – Heat up the schnitzel – תחמם ת’שניצל

Ma at/a mehamem/et? – Why are you stirring things up? – מה אתה מחמם? מה את מחממת?

Himum – Heating, Warming – חימום

Himum koli – Vocal warmup – חימום קולי

Lehithamem – To get hot / to become angry – להתחמם

Ma ata mit’hamem – Why are you getting so angry? – מה אתה מתחמם?

Ham, ham, mithamem – Warm, warm, getting warmer – חם, חם, מתחמם

Hamam (Arabic) – Bathroom – חמאם, حمام


Yuval Banai – Makat Shemesh (lyrics)
Danny Litani – Yahas Ham (lyrics)
Gary Eckstein – Haya Li Tov (lyrics)
Shlomo Artzi – Hom Yuli August (lyrics)
Ehud Banai – Mahari Na (lyrics)
Gidi Gov – Erev Avud (lyrics)
Shiran Yosef – himum koli (vocal warm-up)
Israeli Ministry of Health – Heatwave campaign
Zehava Ben – Ahava Asura (lyrics)

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