Everybody is going somewhere for the high holidays here in Israel! This is a good opportunity to talk about trips, passengers, driving, and other key Hebrew words. Bonus: How do you help someone park in a tight parking spot?

New Words and Expressions:

Shneynu nos’im ba-mchonit – We’re both driving in the car – שנינו נוסעים במכונית

Le’an nos’im? – Where are we going? – לאן נוסעים?

Nos’im yekarim/nichbadim – Dear passengers – נוסעים נכבדים

Li-tsumat lev ha-nos’im – Your attention please (“For the attention of the passengers”) – לתשומת לב הנוסעים

Tsumat lev – Attention – תשומת לב

Moadon ha-nose’a ha-matmid – Frequent flyer program – מועדון הנוסע המתמיד

Nosa’at be-ikvot ha-ahava – Traveling in pursuit of the love – נוסעת בעקבות האהבה

Nos’im ba-mechonit ha-yeshana – Driving in the old car – נוסעים במכונית הישנה

Sa/S’ee – Go! Drive! – סע/סעי

Sa, yesh’cha yarok/S’ee, yesh lach yarok – Go, you’ve got green (light) – סע, יש’ך ירוק/סעי, יש לך ירוק

Sa, sa, sa, zehu – Go, go, go, that’s it – סע, סע, סע, זהו

Sa li me-ha-einayim – Get away from my face (“drive away from my eyes”) – סע לי מהעיניים

Linso’a – To travel by a vehicle – לנסוע

Ani rotse lalechet la-ta’arucha ha-zo – I want to go to this exhibition – אני רוצה ללכת לתערוכה הזו

Nesi’a – Journey, trip – נסיעה

Yesh anashim she-tamid be-nesi’ot – There are people who are always on trips, always traveling – יש אנשים שתמיד בנסיעות

Playlist and Clips:

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Vardina Cohen – Nosa’at Be-ikvot Ha-ahava (lyrics)

Arik Einstein – Sa Le’at (lyrics)

Micha Shitrit – Tveria (lyrics)

Shlomo Artzi & Arik Einstein – Hozrim Ha-baita (lyrics)

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