Aharei ha-hagim, “after the holidays” is almost here. That’s a good enough reason to talk about the root alef-het-resh, which means after, late, and tardiness. Plus a tip: how do you make sure your Israeli friends will make it on time to your event?

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Words and expressions discussed:

Acharei ha-hagim – After the holidays – אחרי החגים

Et ha-otobus lo le’acher – Not to be late to catch the bus – את האוטובוס לא לאחר

Lo le’acher – Don’t be late – לא לאחר

Al te’acher/te’achri/te’achru – Don’t be late – אל תאחר/תאחרי/תאחרו

Slicha al ha-ichur – Sorry I am late – סליחה על האיחור

Ha-mora rotsa ledaber itchem al ha-ichurim shel ha-yeled – The teacher wants to talk to you about the tardiness of the kid – המורה רוצה לדבר אתכם על האיחורים של הילד

Ha-sha’a me’ucheret – The hour is late – השעה מאוחרת

Me’uchar! – It’s late! – מאוחר!

Me’uchar miday – Too late – מאוחר מדיי

Etslenu holchim lishon me’uchar – At ours we go to bed late – אצלנו הולכים לישון מאוחר

Ata metsaltsel be-ichur – You’re calling late – אתה מצלצל מאוחר

Magi be-ichur – I am arriving late – מגיע באיחור

Higati be-ichur – I arrived late – הגעתי באיחור

Ani magi’a be-ichur – I am going to be late – אני מגיע באיחור

Icharti? – Am I late? – איחרתי?

Sori, me’acher/me’acheret – Sorry, I am running late – סורי, מאחר/מאחרת

Ani karuch achreha – I am attached to her, following her – אני כרוך אחריה

Gever holech aharav – A man is walking behind him – גבר הולך אחריו

Aharai – After me – אחריי


Ofra Haza – Hitchadshut (lyrics)
Gazoz – Shir Avoda (lyrics)
Shalom Hanoch – Neged Ha-ru’ach (lyrics)
Carol King – It’s Too Late
Eyal Golan – Metis’ut Aheret (lyrics)
Supermarket Campaign
Rona Keinan – Ata Mit’orer (lyrics)
Mashina – Anna (lyrics)
Ariel Zilber – Ve-eich she-lo (lyrics)
Yoni Rechter & Avner Kenner – Kol Od (lyrics)

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4 comments on “Better Late Than Never

  1. Philip Rosen says:

    Shalom Guy,
    I was looking all over for the ‘plus’ when this week’s episode dropped. Then I listened and heard the news.
    I’ll miss it. And I totally understand why you need to do this. Sori, but I’m just not able to become a patron right now!

  2. Ron E says:

    Shalom, Guy. I love your podcast and happy to support it on Patreon. Totally worth it. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. peter says:

    your podcasts are invaluable, educational, light, interesting, and celebrate hebrew.

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      תודה רבה על המילים החמות, פיטר.

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