“Lahshov” means to think, a crucial word and root. From “One could think” to “without thinking twice” and “think about it”, this episode teaches all the thought-related expressions you can, well, think of. Pro tip: “Let me think about it” is a perfect phrase to use with pushy marketing people.

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New words and expressions:
Lahshov โ€“ To think โ€“ ืœื—ืฉื•ื‘
Lakachat pesek zman ve-lo lahshov โ€“ To take some time off and not to think โ€“ ืœืงื—ืช ืคืกืง ื–ืžืŸ ื•ืœื ืœื—ืฉื•ื‘
Ve-hu hoshev she-yeladim ma’aminim la-ze โ€“ And he thinks that kids believe in that โ€“ ื•ื”ื•ื ื—ื•ืฉื‘ ืฉื™ืœื“ื™ื ืžืืžื™ื ื™ื ืœื–ื”
Mishehu hoshev aleicha (m.)/alayich (f.) โ€“ Someone is thinking about you โ€“ ืžื™ืฉื”ื• ื—ื•ืฉื‘ ืขืœื™ืšึธ/ืขืœื™ืšึฐ
Ten/Tni/Tnu li lahshov al ze โ€“ Let me think about it โ€“ ืชืŸ/ืชื ื™/ืชื ื• ืœื™ ืœื—ืฉื•ื‘ ืขืœ ื–ื”
Lahshov mi-hutz la-kufsa โ€“ To think outside of the box โ€“ ืœื—ืฉื•ื‘ ืžื—ื•ืฅ ืœืงื•ืคืกื”
Bli lahshov paamayim โ€“ Without thinking twice โ€“ ื‘ืœื™ ืœื—ืฉื•ื‘ ืคืขืžื™ื™ื
Efshar lahshov โ€“ One would thinkโ€ฆ (Itโ€™s not such a big deal) โ€“ ืืคืฉืจ ืœื—ืฉื•ื‘
Efshar lahshov, ma kvar asiti โ€“ What did I do, it’s not such a big deal โ€“ ืืคืฉืจ ืœื—ืฉื•ื‘, ืžื” ื›ื‘ืจ ืขืฉื™ืชื™
Al ma at/a hoshev/et? โ€“ What are you thinking about? โ€“ ืขืœ ืžื” ืืช/ื” ื—ื•ืฉื‘/ืช?
Ma ata hoshev (maโ€™taโ€™hshev)? โ€“ What do you think? (m.) โ€“ ืžื” ืืชื” ื—ื•ืฉื‘?
Ma at hoshevet (ma atโ€™hshevet)? โ€“ What do you thinki? (f.) โ€“ ืžื” ืืช ื—ื•ืฉื‘ืช?
Al ma hashavta/hashavt? โ€“ What did you have in mind? โ€“ ืขืœ ืžื” ื—ืฉื‘ืช?
Al mi at hoshevet? โ€“ Who are you thinking of? โ€“ ืขืœ ืžื™ ืืช ื—ื•ืฉื‘ืช?
Hashavti lehatsi’a lach lehisha’er โ€“ I thought to offer you to stay โ€“ ื—ืฉื‘ืชื™ ืœื”ืฆื™ืข ืœืšึฐ ืœื”ื™ืฉืืจ
Hashavti lalechet la-mesiba, basof lo yatsa โ€“ I thought of going to this party, at the end it didn’t happen โ€“ ื—ืฉื‘ืชื™ ืœืœื›ืช ืœืžืกื™ื‘ื”, ื‘ืกื•ืฃ ืœื ื™ืฆื
Ma hashavti le-atsmi? – What was I thinking? – ืžื” ื—ืฉื‘ืชื™ ืœืขืฆืžื™?
Ma hashavta le-atsmecha, ma hashavt le-atsmech? – What were you thinking? – ืžื” ื—ืฉื‘ืช ืœืขืฆืžืš?
Hoshev et atsmo, hoshevet et atsma โ€“ He/she thinks highly of himself/ herself โ€“ ื—ื•ืฉื‘ ืืช ืขืฆืžื•, ื—ื•ืฉื‘ืช ืืช ืขืฆืžื”
Hu ma-ze hoshev ta’tsmo, hi ma-ze hoshevet ta’tsma – He/she is so full of himself/herself โ€“ ื”ื•ื ืžื”-ื–ื” ื—ื•ืฉื‘ ืชโ€™ืขืฆืžื•, ื”ื™ื ืžื”-ื–ื” ื—ื•ืฉื‘ืช ืชโ€™ืขืฆืžื”
Tahshov/tahshevi rega โ€“ Think about it for a sec. โ€“ ืชื—ืฉื•ื‘/ืชื—ืฉื‘ื™ ืจื’ืข
Mi bichlal hashav al ze โ€“ Who even thought about this โ€“ ืžื™ ื‘ื›ืœืœ ื—ืฉื‘ ืขืœ ื–ื”
Tahshov/tahshevi be-gadol โ€“ Think big โ€“ ืชื—ืฉื•ื‘/ืชื—ืฉื‘ื™ ื‘ื’ื“ื•ืœ
La’asot hoshvim โ€“ To stop and rethink โ€“ ืœืขืฉื•ืช ื—ื•ืฉื‘ื™ื
Boโ€™u naโ€™ase rega hoshvim โ€“ Letโ€™s stop and do some thinking โ€“ ื‘ื•ืื• ื ืขืฉื” ืจื’ืข ื—ื•ืฉื‘ื™ื
Mahshava โ€“ A thought โ€“ ืžื—ืฉื‘ื”
Tahshevi mahshavot โ€“ Think (imp. f.) (โ€˜Think thoughtsโ€™) โ€“ ืชื—ืฉื‘ื™ ืžื—ืฉื‘ื•ืช

Playlist and clips:
Arik Einstein โ€“ Pesek Zman (lyrics)
Shalom Hanoch โ€“ Laila (lyrics)
Hava Alberstein โ€“ Shir Tishrei (lyrics)
Kipa, efshar lahshov
Gil Nissan โ€“ Al Ma At Hoshevet [Lyrics beneath clip]
Dudu Tassa โ€“ Hashavti (lyrics)
Meir Alfi โ€“ Ma Hashavti Le’atsmi [Lyrics beneath clip]
Ha-dudaโ€™im & Ha-parvarim โ€“ Tilbeshi Lavan (lyrics)
Idan Yaniv & Lior Datauker โ€“ Hoshev Aleha (lyrics)


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