Could You Turn it Down a Bit?

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There are several ways to ask an Israeli taxi driver to lower the volume on the radio that won’t result in nasty looks. Today, Guy discusses these sayings and other words related to radio, like the Hebrew word for podcast.

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New Words and Expressions:

Havita – Omlette – חביתה

Aruhat boker israelit – Israeli breakfast – ארוחת בוקר ישראלית

Pirsomot – Commercials – פרסומות

Efshar lehahlish tipa? – Is it possible to turn it down a bit? – אפשר להחליש טיפה?

Ata yachol lehahlish (be)vakasha? – Could you turn it a bit down please? – אתה יכול להחליש (ב)בקשה?

Ze ma-ze hazak, efshar lehalish? – It’s really loud, could you turn it down a bit? – זה מה-זה חזק, אפשר להחליש?

Lehagbir – To turn up the volume – להגביר

Tagbir, tagbir – Turn it up! – תגביר, תגביר

Leha’avir tahana – To switch to another station – להעביר תחנה

Ata yachol leha’avir tahana? – Could you change the channel? – אתה יכול להעביר תחנה?

Tahanat radio – Radio station – תחנת רדיו

Podcast – Podcast – פודקסט

Radio interenti – Internet radio – רדיו אינטרנטי

Hesket – Podcast – הֶסכֵּת

Leha’azin la-radio – To listen to the radio (archaic) – להאזין לרדיו

Shamati ba-radio – I heard it on the radio – שמעתי ברדיו

Takshiv rega la-radio – Listen to the radio for a sec. – תקשיב רגע לרדיו

Lehakshiv – To listen – להקשיב

Ani shome’a et ha-tochnit – I listen to the show – אני שומע את התוכנית

Ani makshiv la-tochnit – I listen to the show – אני מקשיב לתוכנית

Mivzak hadashot – News flash – מבזק חדשות

Azkara – Commemoration (jahrzeit) – אזכרה


Playlist and Clips:

Tislam – Radio Hazak (lyrics)

Galey Tsahal – 7:07

Yoman Tsohorayim – Reshet Bet

Mahsanei Hashmal – commercial

Pipsim – Kol Israel

Pipsim 2 – Kol Israel

Mivzak hadashot – Galei Tsahal

Rig’ey Kesem – Reshet Bet

Yael Levy – Tmuna

Alex Ansky

Kol Israel

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3 comments on “Could You Turn it Down a Bit?

  1. Helen Gati says:

    Dear Guy,
    I greatly enjoy TLV one .Thank you!
    May I comment that not everybody is French and I’d welcome not to substitute ch with h. I.e hdashot/chadashot. Thanks!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Thanks for your comment, Helen.

  2. Sam says:

    Thankyou sir! I love the way of your style in making us to learn Hebrew

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