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Gather = lerakez. Center = merkaz. Concentrated = merukaz. Coordinator = merakez. All these words share a common Hebrew root: רכז.

Put aside all possible distractions because today’s episode is laser-focused on the root RKZ.


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New Words and Expressions:

Rikuz – Concentration – ריכוז

Yesh yetsirot retsinioyt she-mevakshot rikuz male be-ozniyot – There are serious works (of music), that demand full concentration, with earphones – יש יצירות רציניות שמבקשות ריכוז מלא באוזניות

Ehad mi-kol asara yeladim sovel me-hafra’at keshev ve-rikuz – One in every 10 children suffers from ADD Attention deficit disorder – אחד מכל עשרה ילדים סובל מהפרעת קשב וריכוז

Mahane rikuz – A concentration camp – מחנה ריכוז

Lerakez – To gather, to assemble – לרכז

Merakez – He gathers / Coordinator – מרכז

Rakaz – Coordinator – רכז

Merkaz – Center – מרכז

Merukaz – Concentrated – מרוכז

Ani be-emtsa mashehu, ani lo merukaz – I am in the middle of something, I cannot focus right now – אני באמצע משהו, אני לא מרוכז

Amart she-ani tamid merukaz be-atsmi – You said that I am always concentrated on myself (self-centered) – אמרת שאני תמיד מרוכז בעצמי

Gel super merukaz – Super concentrated laundry gel – ג’ל סופר מרוכז

Lehitrakez be-mashehu – To concentrate on something – תתרכז במשהו

Titrakez “retsach” – Try hard to concentrate – תתרכז רצח

Titrakzi (f.), titrakzu (pl.) – Concentrate! – תתרכזי, תתרכזו

Ani rotse she-ha-shavu’a nitrakez be-ze – This week I’d like us to focus on this – אני רוצה שהשבוע נתרכז בזה

Lehitmaked – To focus – להתמקד

Moked sherut lakochot – Customer service center – מוקד שירות לקוחות

Merkazi – Central – מרכזי

Ha-tahana ha-merkazit – The central bus station – התחנה המרכזית


Playlist and Clips:

Mati Caspi – Shirim be-mitz agvaniyot (lyrics)

Hafra’at keshev ve-rikuz – ADD – TV1

Machane rikuz – Concentration Camp

Nadav Guedj – Ulai Nedaber (lyrics on YouTube)

Jel Merukaz – Concentrated gel commercial

Anahnu ba-mapa – Titrakez, concentrate, imperative, masculine

Zaguri Imperia – Titrakzi, concentrate, imperative, feminine

Nestea – Titrakzu, concentrate, imperative, plural

Ha-tahana ha-merkazit – The Central Bus Station (Kan TV)

Lahakat Ha-nachal – Sarit Ha-saparit (lyrics)

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