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“You decide.” “No you decide.” “No no, you decide!” So many decisions to make. On this episode, Guy talks about Hebrew words and phrases related to decision-making.


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New Words and Expressions:

Lehachlit – To decide – להחליט

Ze ha-zman lehachlit – This is the time to make a decision – זה הזמן להחליט

Hu hichlit – He decided – הוא החליט

Tsahal hichlit – The Israeli army decided – צה”ל החליט

Hichlit > Hechlit

Eich mekablim hachlatot? – How does one make a decision? – ?איך מקבלים החלטות

Me-ha-rosh o me-ha-lev? – From the head (brain) or from the heart? – ?מהראש או מהלב

Lehachlit/Lekabel hachlata – To reach a decision – להחליט/לקבל החלטה

Lakachat hachlatot – To take decisions – לקחת החלטות

Hachlata – Decision – החלטה

Kabalat hachlatot – Decision making – קבלת החלטות

Ma Hayita Machlit? – What would you (m) decide? – ?מה הייתה מחליט

Ma hayit machlita? – What would you (f.) decide? – ?מה היית מחליטה

Ma hayitem machlitim? – What would you (pl.) decide? – ?מה הייתם מחליטים

At lo machlita alai – You (f.) don’t decide for me (slang) – את לא מחליטה עליי

At lo machlita legabai – You don’t decide for me – את לא מחליטה לגביי

At lo tachliti alay – You (f.) won’t decide for me – את לא תחליטי עליי

Ata lo tachlit alai – You (m.) won’t decide for me – אתה לא תחליט עליי

Tachliti at – You (f.) decide – תחליטי את

Tachlit ata – You (m.) decide – תחליט אתה

Tachlitu atem – You guys decide – תחליטו אתם

Nu, tachlit/tachliti/tachlitu kvar – Come on, make up your mind – נו, תחליט/תחליטי/תחליטו כבר

Huchlat – It was decided – הוחלט

Huchlat she- – It was decided that… – …הוחלט ש

Huchlat lalechet – It was decided to go – הוחלט ללכת

Huchlat – ein harakot ba-kalno’iot – It was decided, no wild driving with the electric scooters – אין חרקות בקלנועיות

Ma huchlat? – What was decided? – ?מה הוחלט

Muchlat – Absolute – מוחלט

Ani omer lecha et ze be-bitachon muchlat – I am telling you this with full confidence – !אני אומר לך את זה בביטחון מוחלט

Benadam hechleti – Decisive person – בנאדם החלטי

Hechletiyut – Decisiveness – החלטיות

Behechlet – Definitely, certainly – בהחלט


Playlist and Clips:

Ze ha-zman lehachlit

Hichlit – KAN TV

Eich mekablim hachlatot – Commercial

Keren Peles – Tkufa shel Shinuyim (lyrics)

Ma atem hayitem machlitim la’asot?

At lo machlita alai – Commercial

Tachlitu atem – Commercial

Huchlat – Commercial

Shtisel – Behechlet

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