Hebrew provides plenty of ways to wish someone well, and they all depend on the severity of the illness. So what should we say to someone with a cold? How about the flu? Pneumonia?

This winter, Guy provides a linguistic toolkit for all you well-wishers to use in almost any circumstance.


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New Words and Expressions:

Hachlaka al ha-kerach – Ice skating – 讛讞诇拽讛 注诇 讛拽专讞

Paam rishona ba-chayim – For the first time in my life – 驻注诐 专讗砖讜谞讛 讘讞讬讬诐

Tihye bari / tihyi bri鈥檃 – May you be healthy – 转讛讬讛 讘专讬讗 / 转讛讬讬 讘专讬讗讛

鈥淩efu鈥檃 shlema鈥 -Full recovery – 专驻讜讗讛 砖诇诪讛

Hachlama mehira – Speedy recovery – 讛讞诇诪讛 诪讛讬专讛

Lehachlim – To recover – 诇讛讞诇讬诐

Nu, hichlamta? Hivreta? – So, did you recover? (m.) – 谞讜, 讛讞诇诪转? 讛讘专讗转?

Hichlamt, hivret – Did you recover? (f.) – 讛讞诇诪转? 讛讘专讗转?

Ani machlim karega – I recover these days – 讗谞讬 诪讞诇讬诐 讻专讙注

Hu machlim mi-shapa鈥檃t – He鈥檚 recovering from the flu – 讛讜讗 诪讞诇讬诐 诪砖驻注转

Zo hachlama aruka – It鈥檚 a long recovery – 讝讜 讛讞诇诪讛 诪讛讬专讛

Targish / Targishi / Targishu tov – Feel well (imp.) – 转专讙讬砖/转专讙讬砖讬/转专讙讬砖讜 讟讜讘

Wai, targish tov, yo鈥檞 – Oh no, be well, wow – 讜讜讗讬, 转专讙讬砖 讟讜讘, 讬讜讗讜

She-ya鈥檃vor maher – May it pass quickly – 砖讬注讘讜专 诪讛专

She-ya鈥檃vor maher, ma ani agid lecha – May it pass quickly, what can I tell you – 砖讬注讘讜专 诪讛专, 诪讛 讗谞讬 讗讙讬讚 诇讱

Shmor al atsmecha / Tishmeri al atsmech / Tishmeru al atsmechem – Take good care of yourself/yourselves – 砖诪讜专 注诇 注爪诪讱 / 转砖诪专讬 注诇 注爪诪讱 / 转砖诪专讜 注诇 注爪诪讻诐

鈥淩ak bri鈥檜t鈥 – Wishing you nothing but health – 专拽 讘专讬讗讜转!

Ha-ikar ha-bri鈥檜t – The most important thing is health – 讛注讬拽专 讛讘专讬讗讜转

Playlist and Clips:

Yaakov Shwekey & Baruch Levin – Refu鈥檃h

Hachlama Mehira

Arik Einstein & Shalom Hanoch – Shmor Al Atsmecha (lyrics)

Harel Skaat & Yehuda Poliker – Gibor (lyrics)

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