It’s winter time for us in the northern hemisphere. It is also the time we start over-using the Hebrew word קר (cold) because, for us Israelis, 14-17 degrees celsius (57-63 degrees fahrenheit) is considered cold.

To get us ready for cooler temperatures, Guy prepared warm-up exercises consisting of words and phrases from the root ק.ר.ר that cover all things chill, cooling and our beloved refrigerators.

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New Words and Expressions:

Perek horpi – Wintery episode – פרק חורפי

Kar ba-leilot – It’s cold at night – קר בלילות

Mamshich lihyot kar – It continues to be cold – ממשיך להיות קר

Eize kor ba-huts – How cold it is outside – איזה קור בחוץ

Kach sveder, kar ba-huts – Take a sweater, it’s cold outside – קח סוודר, קר בחוץ

Kor klavim – It’s freezing – קור כלבים

Ha-ru’ach ha-krira – The chilly wind or breeze – הרוח הקרירה

Karir – Chilly – קריר

“Kshe-beineinu karir” – When it’s cold between us – כשבינינו קריר

Krirut – Coldness – קרירות

Kerur – Cooling / refrigeration – קירור

Lishmor be-kerur le’achar ha-pticha – Keep refrigerated after opening – לשמור בקירור לאחר הפתיחה

Technai mekarerim – Fridge technician – טכנאי מקררים

Mekarer – Refrigerator – מקרר

Lekarer – To chill – לקרר

Lechamem – To heat up – לחמם

Efshar lekarer li et ze tipa? – Is it possible to make it a bit colder for me? – ?אפשר לקרר לי את זה טיפה

Efshar lechamem li et ze tipa? – Is it possible to heat it up a bit for me? – ?אפשר לחמם לי את זה טיפה

Mekorar – Chilled / caught a cold – מקורר

Ani mekorar / Ani metsunan – I got a cold – אני מקורר / אני מצונן

Trufot savta neged hitkarerut – Grandma’s remedies against the cold – תרופות סבתא נגד התקררות

Kamim ba-boker, ein hitkarerut – You wake up in the morning, there’s no cold – קמים בבוקר, אין התקררות

Hitkarerut – Drop in temperature – התקררות

Hitchamemut – Heating – התחממות

Playlist and Clips:

Kar ba-leilot

Noy Fadlun – Sveder (lyrics)

Shalom Hanoch – U-kshe-beineinu Karir (lyrics)

Technai mekarerim

Hava Alberstein – Shir Tishrey (lyrics)

Trufot savta neged hitkarerut

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3 comments on “It’s Chilly Outside

  1. Eduardo Leiderman says:

    Hi Guy! I discovered your podcast in october looking for some app to review my hebrew I have studied 30 years ago in Buenos Aires. I found it very helpful for me and it made me remember lot of words that were there, in some place of my brain. I still live in Buenos Aires. Here lives a lot of people of my age that use to learn hebrew at jewish elementary and high schools. Nowadays the learning of hebrew is not so good and your podcast surely fills a gap.
    As my hebrew was learned 30 years ago, I don´t have in my vocabulary all the words related to personal computers as desktop, notebook, keyboard, mouse, , screen, speakers, etc. I think it could make an episode
    Thankfully yours

    Eduardo (my hebrew name is Mijael)

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Shalom Mijael, hola Eduardo
      Thanks so much for your kind words and for the idea.
      Check out this episode, episode no. 80:

  2. Richard Heinrich says:

    Why can’t the episode be printed from the website? I have to download the episode in a PDF file and then go through contortions to have it print….

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