300th Episode Special! Hebrew Bloopers From Around the World

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Join us in celebrating our 300th episode with the best פספוסים (fisfusim), bloopers, by Hebrew learners from around the world.

Learning Hebrew can be difficult. And we Israelis, who often swallow certain letters when we speak or don’t pronounce our words clearly, sure don’t make it any easier. So as a student trying to understand and speak the language, you’re bound to make mistakes. And that’s okay. The most important part is not letting your fear stop you from trying. Speaking Hebrew is and forever will be fun and exciting.

New Words and Expressions:

Yare’ach – Moon – ירח

Re’ach – Smell – ריח

Ke’ev garon – Throat ache – כאב גרון

Ga’on – Genius – גאון

Ani shmena – I am fat – אני שמנה

Shament – Cream – שמנת

Shament chamutsa – Sour cream – שמנת חמוצה

Ani mechoeret – I am ugly – אני מכוערת

Ani me’acheret – I am late – אני מאחרת

Le’acher – To be late – לאחר

Rachatsti – I washed – רחצתי

Ratsachti – I murdered – רצחתי

Lachfof se’ar – To wash the hair – לחפוף שיער

Milga – Scholarship – מילגה

Achayot – Sisters – אחיות

Chayot – Animals, pets – חיות

Yesh li kalba ktana – I have a small dog (f.) – יש לי כלבה קטנה

Aravim – Arabs – ערבים

Arevim – Guarantors – ערבים

Minyan – Minimum 10 men needed for prayer in synagogue – מניין

Me’anyen – Interesting – מעניין

Yain lavan – White wine – יין לבן

Dam – Blood – דם

Yain adom – Red wine – יין אדום

Lehorid et ha-michnasayim – To take off his pants – להוריד את המכנסיים

Lehorid et ha-mishkafayim – Take off his glasses – להוריד את המשקפיים

Chut dentali – Dental floss – חוט דנטלי

Chutini – G-string – חוטיני

Horim – Parents – הורים

Chorim – Holes – חורים

Chaki li / techaki li – Wait for me – חכי לי / תחכי לי

Lechakot le-mishehu – To wait for someone – לחכות למישהו

Lechakot mishehu – To imitate someone – לחקות מישהו

Hayiti rotsa linso’a le-Tel Aviv – I would like to go to Tel Aviv (very polite) / I would have loved to go to Tel Aviv (but I can’t) – הייתי רוצה לנסוע לתל-אביב

“Az tis’ee” – “So just go there!?” – !אז תסעי

“Ze le-Tel Aviv?” – Is it going to Tel Aviv? – ?זה לתל-אביב

Malon – Hotel – מלון

Milon – Dictionary – מילון

Lehitkale’ach – To take a shower – להתקלח

Hitkalachti – I took a shower – התקלחתי

Hitlakachti – I caught on fire – התלקחתי

“Cham li” in episode no. 177

Haticha in episode no. 242

Gever – Man – גבר

Mitz gezer – Carrot juice – מיץ גזר

Playlist and Clips:

Gazoz – Cafe Ba-tachtit (lyrics)

Lilit Nagar – Tsel Etz Tamar Ve-or Yare’ach (lyrics)

Avi Toledano – La Boheme (lyrics)

Ha-ofarim – Huts Mi-ze Ha-kol Beseder (lyrics)

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2 comments on “300th Episode Special! Hebrew Bloopers From Around the World

  1. Shabtai Horowitz says:

    Hi Guy,

    I just wanted to share a blooper moment I experienced. I was volunteering on Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv one summer. The Kibbutz had a choir and the father of the family who adopted me for the summer was singing in the kibbutz choir one night. I went to see my kibbutz abba sing and I wanted to share my experience with my kibbutz friend while working in the orchard preparing date trees for harvest. I confused the words makheila (choir) and miklachat (shower). Instead of telling my friend that I saw Elan (my abba) singing in the choir, I said I saw Elan singing in the shower last night.


    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Thanks for sharing this, Shabtai.

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