Laughing Out Loud in Hebrew

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There are so many ways to say, “You’ve gotta be kidding me,” in Hebrew. In this episode, we’ll learn a few of them and learn how we write LOL in Hebrew.

New Words and Expressions:

Lits’hok – To laugh – לצחוק

Tsochek mi she-tsochek aharon – He who laughs last, laughs best – צוחק מי שצוחק אחרון

Al titschak/titschaki alai – Don’t laugh at me – אל תצחק/תצחקי עליי

Litshok al mishehu – To laugh at someone – לצחוק על מישהו

Ata tsohek alai? – Are you kidding me? – ?אתה צוחק עליי

Listhok im mishehu – To laugh with someone – לצחוק עם מישהו

Anachnu tsochakim itcha, lo aleicha – We’re laughing with you, not at you! – אנחנו צוחקים איתך, לא עליך

Dai, nu, tsochakim itcha – Come on, I am joking with you – די, נו, צוחקים איתך

Ata tits’chak / At titschaki – You’re going to laugh – אתה תצחק, את תצחקי

“Kama rachok hayitem muchanim lalechet kedei lehatschik?” – How far would you go in order to make people laugh? – ?כמה רחוק הייתם מוכנים ללכת כדי להצחיק

Mi matschik otach kamoni? – Who makes you laugh like me? – ?מי מצחיק אותך כמוני

Ze matschik oti – It makes me laugh – זה מצחיק אותי

Matschik t’atsmo – He makes himself laugh – מצחיק ת’עצמו

LOL – חחח

“Matschik me’od” – Not funny – מצחיק מאוד

Matschik ad dma’ot – Hysterical – מצחיק עד דמעות

Shofech, kore’a – Hilarious – שופך, קורע

Matschikan – Comedian – מצחיקן

Dai ya matschikan – Don’t be silly – די, יא מצחיקן

Matschikonet – Comedian (f.), funny woman – מצחיקונת

Hu matschikul kaze – He’s a funny guy – הוא מצחיקול כזה

Eize matschikul ata – You can’t be serious – איזה מצחיקול אתה

Hitschakta oti! Hitschakt oti! – You gotta be kidding me /  yeah, right – הצחקת אותי

Playlist and Clips:

Tsevet Havai Handasa Kravit – Tsochek Mi She-tsochek Acharon (lyrics)

Dani Sanderson – Al Titschak (lyrics) 


Haim Dadon & Dekel Vaknin – Mi Matschik Otach

Matschikan ha-shana


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4 comments on “Laughing Out Loud in Hebrew

  1. Jonathan Freilich says:

    Hello Guy,
    Your Streetwise Hebrew continues to be fascinating and most enjoyable with due diligence to the importance and significance of grammar.


    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Thanks so much, Jonathan. Toda raba for your kind words.

  2. Jonathan Freilich says:

    By the way Guy, the title of this episode is more correctly entitled: Laughing out loudly in Hebrew. You may argue that people don’t say that, but I maintain that the best you can say is that…. some people don’t say that. Some people don’t say 1 criterion or 1 phenomenon, but that doesn’t make it correct or even sound elegant.

    Jonathan Freilich (UIK)

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba, point taken.

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