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A Listener from Kansas City asked whether we use AM/PM in Hebrew. Here is the answer.

New Words and Expressions:

4 pm = 16:00

6 pm = 18:00

8 pm = 20:00

Nifgashim be-shesh? – Are we meeting at six? – נפגשים בשש

נפגשים ב6

נפגשים ב-6

נפגשים ב-18:00

Sheva ba-boker – 7 am – שבע בבוקר

Az amarnu be-arba, ken? – So we said at four, right? – אז אמרנו בארבע, כן

Tsohorayim – The hot hours of the day – צוהריים

Daber iti ba-tsohorayim – Talk to me at the early afternoon – דבר איתי בצוהריים

Ahar ha-tsohorayim – Late afternoon – אחר הצוהריים, אחה”צ

Ani er me-arba ba-boker, benadam – I’ve been up since 4am – אני ער מארבע בבוקר, בנאדם

Playlist and Clips:

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5 comments on “Talk to Me at 7 A.M.

  1. Yosi Gordon says:

    Guy always recommends earlier episodes of Streetwise Hebrew by number, but the earlier episodes appear on without their numbers. Can you add the numbers or at least let us know how to navigate to an episode? Thanks.

  2. Sarah says:

    Totally agree with the previous comments. I was unable to find the episode # 142

    1. TLV1 says:

      Hi Sarah,
      We always link to the episodes we refer to within the show notes. Have a look at the Playlist and Clips section in the post above and you’ll see the links to the episodes.

  3. ani says:

    Episode 12, about tsohorayim, unfortunately has no text, and no “New words & expressions:” section.

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Thanks for this, we’ll add the text and new words.

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