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Israel is at war. Guy explains the word מלחמה and others from the same root, לחמ, that we hear on Israeli news coverage.

New Words and Expressions:

Milchama – War – מלחמה

Milchama ve-shalom – War and Peace – מלחמה ושלום

Milchemet ha-olam ha-rishona, ha-shniya – The First/Second World War – מלחמת העולם הראשונה, השנייה

WW2 – מלחה”ע ה-2 

Mivtsa – Operation – מבצע

Lochama elektronit – Electronic warfare (lamed alef) – לוחמה אלקטרונית

Lochama ba-terror – Counter-terrorism – לוחמה בטרור, לוט”ר

Lochamat cyber – Cyber warfare – לוחמת סייבר

Milchemet Todaa – Psychological warfare – מלחמת תודעה

Milchemet yom ha-kipurim – The Yom Kippur War – מלחמת יום הכיפורים

Lochem – Fighter/combatant – לוחם

Lochem, lochemet, lochamim, lochamot

Lochamei esh (Kaba’im) – Firefighters – לוחמי אש

Lochemet esh – Female firefighter – לוחמת אש

“Lihyot lochem esh ze avoda mesukenet” – Being a firefighter is a dangerous job – להיות לוחם אש זה עבודה מסוכנת

“Ze matschik she-at omeret lochem esh ve-lo lochemet esh” – It’s funny you say firefighter in masculine, lochem esh, and not lochemet esh in feminine – זה מצחיק שאת אומרת לוחם אש ולא לוחמת אש

“Ze ba-ragil. Ani lochemet le-kol davar” – It’s normal, I am a woman fighter in all senses” – זה ברגיל. אני לוחמת לכל דבר

“Aval ba-stigma ze adayin lochem” – But the stereotype is still a male firefighter – אבל בסטיגמה זה עדיין לוחם

Playlist and Clips:

Milchama ve-shalom (trailer)

Milchemet ha-olam ha-shniya – WW2

Si Heyman – Gibor Gadol (lyrics)

Lochemet esh

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4 comments on “War

  1. Carla Bronsgeest says:

    Dear Guy, I want to wish you ‘Harbeh harbeh koach! I light candles for you all!
    Warm regards,

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba, Carla!

  2. Deborah Gerhardt says:

    Hey —just thought I’d mention there’s a small type in the Patreon show notes— operation is misspelled.

    1. TLV1 says:

      You’re right, Deborah! Fixed.

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