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“When will the hostages be released?”, מתי הם ישתחררו, is what everyone in Israel is asking themselves. This week we saw the release of some of the hostages taken on October 7th. Guy explains how we talk about it in Hebrew.

New Words and Expressions:

“Et hishtachrarti” – When I got released – עת השתחררתי

Hu hishtachrer – He got released, he was liberated – הוא השתחרר

Hem hishtachreru – They were released – הם השתחררו

Hem mishtachrerim, hen mishtachrerot – They are being released – הם משתחררים, הן משתחררות

Ha-im hem yishtachreroo ha-yom? – Will they be released today? – האם הם ישתחררו היום

Matai ata mishtachrer/at mishtachreret/atem mishtachrerim- When will you be done with your military service? – מתי אתה משתחרר/את משתחררת/אתם משתחררים

Ani rak rotse lehishtachrer – I just wants to go home – אני רק רוצה להשתחרר

Lehishtachrer me-ha-tsava- To get out of the army service – להשתחרר מהצבא

“Kol ha-anashim amru li, ‘ma be’emet, al ma hishtachrart?’ – Everybody told me, why were you released? – כל האנשים אמרו לי ‘מה באמת, על מה השתחררת’

Amarti she-haita li harada me-ha-neshek – I said I had anxiety from the gun – אמרתי שהייתה לי חרדה מהנשק

Ve-az hem kaze: be’emet o she-stam asit kedei lehishtachrer? – And they went, ‘was it real or did you say it in order to get out of the army?’ – ואז הם כזה באמת או שסתם עשית כדי להשתחרר

“Tishtachrer, ha-avar lo meshane yoter” – Free yourself, the past doesn’t matter anymore – תשתחרר, העבר לא משנה יותר

Hishtachreroot me-chanika – To free oneself from a strangle hold – השתחררות מֵחניקה

Hishtachreroot me-ego – Letting go of your ego – השתחררות מהאגו

Playlist and Clips:

Meir Ariel – Terminal (lyrics)

Itamar Har-Even – Noder

Lehishtachrer mi-tsahal

Rinat Gabai – Tishtachrer

Amichai Yosef Ben Avraham – Ani Mishtachreret (lyrics)

Ep. no 342

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