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The Hebrew word לתרגם, to translate, is a handy verb, especially if you live in Israel and go to the cinema. Why? Because you want to make sure the Israeli film you’re about to watch has been translated and has English subtitles. How do you ask whether something has been translated to your language?

New Words and Expressions:

Letargem – To translate – לתרגם

Mutarjem (Arabic) – Translator – מותרג’ם

Metargem – Translator – מתרגם

Metargemet/metargem lisfat ha-simanim – Sign language translator – מתרגם/מתרגמת לשפת הסימנים

Kshe-ata tsofe ve-metargem, ata lif’amim gam mitragesh me-ha-stsenot? – When you watch and translate, do you sometimes also get moved by the scenes? – כשאתה צופה ומתרגם אתה לפעמים גם מתרגש מהסצינות

Hu metargem mi-turkit le-ivrit – He translates from Turkish to Hebrew – הוא מתרגם מטורקית לעברית

Letargem sefer, letargem seret – To translate a book, a film – לתרגם ספר, לתרגם סרט

Ata yachol letargem li rega ma hi omeret? – Could you translate for me what she’s saying? – אתה יכול לתרגם לי רגע מה היא אומרת

Tirgoom – Translating – תרגום

Targumim muzarim shel shemot shel sratim me-anglit le-ivrit – Weird translations of movie titles from English to Hebrew – תַרגומים מוזרים של שמות של סרטים מאנגלית לעברית

Tirgoom me-anglit le-ivrit ze lo davar kal – Translating from English to Hebrew is not an easy thing – תִרגום מאנגלית לעברית זה לא דבר קל

Tirgoom otomati, automatic translation – תִרגום אוטומטי

Targoom – Translation – תַרגום

Ha-targoom ha-hadash shel ha-sefer me’ule – The new translation of this book is amazing. – התרגום החדש של הספר מעולה

Ha-sefer turgam le-20 safot – The book was translated to 20 languages. – הספר תורגם ל-20 שפות

Ha-seret meturgam le-anglit – The film is translated to English – הסרט מתורגם לאנגלית

Yesh targoom le-anglit? – Is there an English translation? – יש תרגום לאנגלית

Yesh ktuviyot be-anglit – Are there English subtitles? – יש כתוביות באנגלית

Ken, yesh ktuviyot, lo, ein ktuviyot, ein targoom – Yes, there are subtitles / No, there are no subtitles / There’s no translation

Meturgeman – Interpreter – מתורגמן

Dibuv – Dubbing – דיבוב

Ledabev sratim – To dub movies – לדבב סרטים

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2 comments on “Lost in Translation

  1. Kate says:

    I love your podcast. Thank you so much. It is too difficult for me, but I am going to listen over and over again. The language seems so real when you are explaining to me. I feel optimistic that I will succeed. Bless you

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba for your kind words, Kate.

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