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But Now I’m Found

Do you know how to say ‘a good catch’ in Hebrew? How about ‘virtual reality’? And ‘sense of direction’? Listen to this episode to learn.

An Experiment in Advanced Hebrew

StreetWise Hebrew gets scientific: check out new episodes entirely in Hebrew for listeners who want to develop their advanced language skills.

Yehezkel Kedmi’s “My People, Knowledge, and Me”

Host Marcela Sulak reads a long poem by Yehezkel Kedmi, called “My People, Knowledge, and Me,” translated by Ammiel Alcalay.

Four Years and Counting

For StreetWise Hebrew’s fourth birthday, let’s learn the word ‘arba,’ which means ‘four’ in Hebrew, and its root.

Nothing But the Truth: Yael Dayan’s “Transitions”

Yael Dayan’s memoir, “Transitions: Close Up,” translated by Maya Klein, is about losses and regrets, with fine focus on the detailed physical world.

How Do I Look?

You went to buy clothes in a Tel Avivi shop and another customer says that you shouldn’t wear red. Ever. Let’s learn some phrases for clothes shopping.

“We Don’t Exist in Gaza” and Other Poems

Today’s episode is about Israel’s impact on a particular literary endeavor in Gaza and features works from a young, talented poet in Gaza.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

If you want to say, “I am hot”, don’t translate directly from English to Hebrew. Listen to this episode first. Without your kids.

Flash Fables: Daniel Oz’s “Further Up The Path”

Daniel Oz’s collection of flash fables, “Further Up the Path,” are charming for the way they make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.

Would You Like Cheese With That Whine?

How do we say ‘whiner’ and ‘to whine’ in Hebrew? Today’s episode is about the word ‘bachyan’ and its variations.