On this episode, we explore the root of the word ערב, which means evening, and explain what it’s got to do with Western movies. Plus, why wasn’t Miley Cyrus willing to say the name of a famous Israeli TV show host? Guy explains.

New Words and Expressions:

“Erev tov lach, at mushlemet” – Good evening to you, you’re perfect – ערב טוב לך, את מושלמת

Erev tov lecha/lach/lachem – Good evening to you – ערב טוב לך/לכם

Erev tov – Good evening – ערב טוב

Laila tov – Good night – לילה טוב

“Erev Tov im Guy Pines” – Good evening with Guy Pines – ערב טוב עם גיא פינס

Aravim – Evenings (also: Arabs) – ערבים

“Libi ba-mizrach va-anochi be-sof maarav” – My heart is in the east, and I am at the end of the west – ליבי במזרח ואנוכי בסוף מערב

Maarav – West – מערב

Maghreb (Ar.) الْمَغْرِب – Ma’arav (Heb.) – West – מערב

Ma’arvon – Western (movie) – מערבון

Erev chag – The day before the holiday – ערב חג

Erev Shabbat – Friday evening – ערב שבת

Shabbat ba-erev – Saturday evening – שבת בערב

Erev shabbat – Friday night – ערב שבת

Playlist and Clips:

Lior Narkis – Erev Tov Lach (Lyrics)

Erev Tov im Guy Pines

David Shiro – Libi Ba-mizrach (Lyrics)

Allah 3LIK Ya Bladi

Ep. 244 in English and in Hebrew

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