So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

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What other ways are there to say ‘goodbye’ in Hebrew, apart from the ubiquitous, yalla bye? If you want to sound like an Israeli you can’t just say the right words, you also have to sing them in the right tune. Guy explains

New Words and Expressions:

Lehitraot – See you, until we see each other – להתראות

Shalom ve-lo lehitraot – Adieu and not goodbye – שלום ולא להתראות

“Al tagid li bye” – Don’t tell me goodbye – אל תגיד לי ביי

Az nedaber – We’ll talk – אז נדבר

Nishtame’a/Lehitshtame’ah – We’ll hear each other (goodbye) – נשתמע, להשתמע

Az machar ah? – So tomorrow, right? – אז מחר, אה?

Az be-chamishi, ken? – So on Thursday, ok? – אז בחמישי, כן?

Az be-shalosh, ken? – So at 3pm, right? – אז בשלוש, כן?

Az be-shesh, sababa? – So at 6pm, ok? – אז בשש, סבבה?

Bye neshama/kapara/motek – Bye darling – ביי נשמה/כפרה/מותק

Yalla mami, az nedaber – Ok darling, we’ll talk – יאללה ממי, אז נדבר

Playlist and Clips:

Shaygetz – Shalom lach erez nehederet (lyrics)

Margalit Tzan’ani – Al Tagid Li Bye (lyrics)

Tomer Yosef – Kapara (lyrics)

Amir Benayoun & Avi Ivri – Nedaber Machar (lyrics)

Sagiv Cohen – Ha-rega (lyrics)

Ep. 11 about suffix -oosh

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Ep. 382 about motek, sweetie

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