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Today, um, Guy talks, um, about fillers like ‘Eh’ in Hebrew and about other things we say when we try to think and talk at the same time. Learn why this is important, especially for people who want to improve their Hebrew.

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New words and expressions:
Eh – Um – אֶה
Ve… – And – ו…
Ve-tagidi – And tell me (f.)… – ותגידי
Ve-tagid li – And tell me (m.) – ותגיד
Yoter eh kashim – More, um, difficult – יותר, אֶה, קשים
Al mashehu she… – About something that… – על משהו ש…
Legamgam – To stutter – לגמגם
Gimgum – A stutter – גמגום
Lemalmel – To mumble – למלמל

Playlist and clips:
Anwar Sadat’s visit
Sadat Interview
Husni Mubarak interview
Jacques Chirac interview
MK Shelly Yachimovich interview
Eretz Nehederet – Vetagid li
Noa Kirel – interview (TV2)
Ilan Wierzberg & Shimon Gelbets – “Lo Yacholti Laasot Klum” (lyrics)
Ilan & Ilanit – “Tfila shel Yom Atsuv” (lyrics)
Efrat Gosh – “Ah Ah Ah” (lyrics)

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