Almost everybody knows the word chutzpah, audacity, brash behaviour. When is it positive and when is it negative? And what’s hutzpah israelit?

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New words and expressions:
Hatichat hatsuf – You cheeky bastard – חתיכת חצוף
Limhok – to erase – למחוק
Titbayesh lecha – Shame on you – תתבייש לך
Ata pashut hatsuf – You’re just cheeky – אתה פשוט חצוף
Na’ara yechola lihyot hatzufa – A girl can be audacious, brash – נערה יכולה להיות חצופה
Hutspan – A rude person – חוצפן
Hu ma-ze hutspan, hi ma-ze hutspanit – he’s so brash, she’s so brash – הוא מה-זה חוצפן, היא מה-זה חוצפנית
Ha-yeladim mithatsfim elay – The kids “talk back” to me – הילדים מתחצפים אליי
Lehithatsef le-mishehu – To be cheeky toward someone – להתחצף למישהו
Hayeled hithatsef la-mora – The kid was impolite, cheeky, toward the teacher – הילד התחצף למורה
Ha-yeled diber eleha be-hutzpah – The kid talked to her with hutzpah – הילד דיבר אליה בחוצפה
Messer kaful – Double message – מסר כפול
Hutzpah israelit – Isreali Hutzpah – חוצפה ישראלית
Ratsiti lehachnis et ha-hutzpah ha-israelit – I wanted to introduce the israeli hutzpah – רציתי להכניס את החוצפה הישראלית
Le’ha-ez – To dare – להעז

Playlist and clips:
Irit Linur – Galey Tsahal Radio

Irit Linur – TV20

Rami Kleinstein – “Hanichi Li” (lyrics)

Balagan – “Huts La’aretz” (lyrics)

Ma osim kshe-ha-yeled mithatsef – Reshet Alef Radio

Michal Hil – Israeli Hutzpah Exhibition (Ha-televizia Ha-hinuhit)

Hutzpah Israelit Exhibition (HIT)

Limor Ben Yosef, Israeli designer in NY – Walla

Ahmad Tibi – Arutz Ha-knesset

Shlishiyat Gesher Ha-yarkon – “Siman She-ata Tsa’ir” (lyrics)

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