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The מדחום (thermometer) could be our best friend or worst nightmare. For some, it determines whether they can go out or must stay quarantined.

So on this episode Guy covers the Hebrew words and phrases you need to know about למדוד חום, to take one’s temperature, and other useful idioms during these crazy days of Corona. Stay safe!

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New Words and Expressions:

Madchom – Thermometer – מדחום

“Anachnu omrim le-kol ha-anashim she-yesh lahem chom…” – We tell all the people who have a fever… – אנחנו אומרים לכל האנשים שיש להם חום

Yesh/Ein li chom – I have a fever/I have no fever – יש / אין לי חום

“Kshe-at modedet kama ani noten” – When you measure how much I give – כשאת מודדת כמה אני נותן

Limdod chom – To check the temperature – למדוד חום

Medidat chom – Temperature check – מדידת חום

Ta medida – Fitting room – תא מדידה

Medidat chom / Bdikat chom – Checking the temperature – מדידת חום / בדיקת חום

Bo ani emdod lecha chom, Boi ani emdod lach chom – Let me check your temperature – בוא/י אני אמדוד לך חום

Yesh lecha/lach chom? – Do you have a fever? – ?יש לך חום

Madadta/madadet chom? – Did you take your temperature? – ?מדדת חום

Yesh li chom namuch/gavoha – I have a low/high fever – יש לי חום נמוך/גבוה

“Ha-yeled ben shloshim, yesh lo chom gavoha” – “The kid who is 30 year old, he’s got a high fever” – הילד בן שלושים, יש לו חום גבוה

Madad Dow Jones – The Dow Jones index – מדד דאו-ג’ונס

Madad yuli – The month of July index – מדד יולי

Efshar limdod? – Could I try it on? – ?אפשר למדוד

Madadti (madati) et ze – I tried it on – מדדתי את זה

Madadt (madadet) et ze – You (f.) tried it on – מדדת את זה

Eich modedim hatslacha shel ha-shivuk? How do you measure the success of the marketing? – איך מודדים הצלחה של השיווק

Bi-drom tsarfat nimdedu 40 ma’alot – In the south of France, 40 degrees were measured – בדרום צרפת נמדדו 40 מעלות

Playlist and Clips:

Le-kol ha-anashim she-yesh lahem chom – KAN TV

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Ehud Banai – Mahari Na (lyrics)

Madad – Index

Eich modedim hatslacha

Nimdedu 40 ma’alot

Streetwise Hebrew Ep. #177

Streetwise Hebrew Ep. #65


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