My Condolences To You And Your Family

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In Hebrew, נחמה (nechama) means consolation, comfort. It’s also a woman’s first name. The difference comes down to pronunciation. Today Guy explains how to give your condolences and how to jokingly comfort a friend who was delivered a cold pizza.

Bonus: How do we say “Misery loves company”? How about comfort food?

New Words and Expressions:

Ko zkukim le-nechama – We really need consolation – כה זקוקים לנחמה

Nechama – Comfort, consolation – נחמה

NeCHAma – Female first name – נחמה

MenaCHEM – He comforts – מנחם

MeNAchem – First name – מנחם

Ochel menachem – Comfort food – אוכל מנחם

Ha-ochel mesapek chavaya chushit neima, menachemet – This food provides a pleasant sensual experience, comforting – האוכל מספק חוויה חושית נעימה, מנחמת

Aruchat boker menachemet – Comforting breakfast – ארוחת בוקר מנחמת

Aval ani menachemet et atsmi be-kafe – But I comfort myself with coffee – אבל אני מנחמת את עצמי בקפה

Bamba haita menachemet oti achshav – Bamba would have comforted me right now (if only I had some) – במבה הייתה מנחמת אותי עכשיו

Ase she-lo et’ave kol kach lihyot menucham ela menachem – Please let me not seek as much to be consoled as to console – עשה שלא אתאווה כל כך להיות מנוחם אלא מנחם

Alcoholistim Anonimiyim – Alcoholics Anonymous – אלכוהוליסטים אנונימיים

Hem menachamim oto/ota – They comfort him/her – הם מנחמים אותו/אותה

Menachamim – People who pay their condolences – מנחמים

Bikur nichumim – A condolence visit – ביקור ניחומים

Tanchumai – My condolences – תנחומיי

Pras nichumim – Consolation prize – פרס ניחומים

Titnachem/titnachmi be-ze she- – Take comfort in the fact that… – תתנחם/תתנחמי בזה ש…

Lehitnachem be-shokolad – Take comfort in Chocolate – להתנחם בשוקולד

Tsarat rabim – hatsi nechama – Misery loves company – צרת רבים – חצי נחמה

Tsarat rabim nechamat shotim/tipshim – The troubles of many are the consolation of the fool – צרת רבים – נחמת שוטים/טיפשים

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2 comments on “My Condolences To You And Your Family

  1. Ani says:

    I have experienced the deaths of two very close family members in Israel, each with a funeral and shiva, in the past three years. At neither of these did I ever hear “תנחומיי”

    1. Ani says:

      Having said that, today I happened to watch an Israeli TV series, and in it, I finally heard “תנחומיי”, for the first time!

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