What Are Some of Your Strengths?

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Israelis sometimes use a single word to review a movie or tv series: “!חזק” In Hebrew, חזק (pronounced hazak) means strong. So what are they trying to convey and how else can we use the word חזק?

Guy explains.

New Words and Expressions:

Hazak – Strong – חזק

Klaf hazak – High card – קלף חזק

Hazak! – Deep, intense, powerful, moving – !חזק

Hazak be- mashehu – Expert on something, has a special ability in a specific field – חזק במשהו

“Hazak be-ke’evim hazakim” – Has a special ability to deal with strong pain – חזק בכאבים חזקים

“Hu hazak be-matematika” – He is strong in math – הוא חזק

“Ze hazak mimeni” – It’s stronger than me, I can’t help it – זה חזק ממני

Timshoch hazak – Pull it strongly – תמשוך חזק 

Nafalta hazak – You fell hard – נפלת חזק

Yashanti hazak, lo shamati klum – I slept deeply, I didn’t hear a thing – ישנתי חזק, לא שמעתי כלום

Tihye hazak lemala – Be strong above – תהיה חזק למעלה

Tihye hazak, tihyi hazaka, tihyu hazakim – Be strong – תהיה חזק, תהיי חזקה, תהיו חזקות

“Nekudat ha-turpa shel ha-hore, hi nekudat ha-hozek shel ha-yeladim” – The vulnerable point of the parent is the point of strength of the children – נקודת התורפה של ההורה, היא נקודת החוזק של הילדים

Eize hozek – What a strength – איזה חוזק

Hozka – strongness, strength – חוזקה

Ma ha-hozkot shelach? Ma ha-hulshot shelach? – What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses? – מה החוזקות שלך, מה החולשות שלך

Hezka – To the power of – חזקה

3 beHezkat 4 – 3 to the power of 4 – שלוש בחזקת ארבע

Tahzuka – Maintenance – תחזוקה

Playlist and Clips:

Astar Shamir – Klaf Hazak (lyrics)

Hazak be-ke’evim hazakim – Commercial

Tislam – Radio Hazak (lyrics)

Eifo Ha-yeled – Nafalta Hazak (Lyrics

Aviv Geffen – Livkot Lecha (lyrics)

Michal Dalyot (Israeli Super Nanny)

Gali Atari – Hazaka Me-ha-ru’ach (lyrics)

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