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How do you translate the word nice to Hebrew? Well, it depends on the context. Guy explains when we can use נעים and when we must opt for a more appropriate Hebrew word.

New Words and Expressions:

Na’im – Nice, pleasant – נעים

Na’im lehakir – Nice to meet you – נעים להכיר

Nice to see you – Tov lir’ot otcha/otach – טוב לראות אותך

Hi ma-ze nechmada – She is such a nice person – היא מה-זה נחמדה

Hu ma-ze nechmad – He is such a nice person – הוא מה-זה נחמד

Mi ha-benadam hachi nechmad she-pagashta/she-pagasht ei paam? – Who’s the nicest person you’ve ever met? – מי הבנאדם הכי נחמד שפגשת אי פעם

Eize kelev yafe! – Nice dog! – איזה כלב יפה

Wow, eize kef lishmo’a – Oh wow, that’s really nice to hear!’ – וואו, איזה כיף לשמוע

Eize yafe mitsidam – It’s so nice of them – איזה יפה מצידם

Eize hamudim! – They are so nice – איזה חמודים

Meri’ach po mamash tov – It smells so nice in here – מריח פה ממש טוב

Nice (slang) – Nice – נייס, ניייייייייייס

Lo naim li levakesh kesef me-anashim – I feel uncomfortable asking people for money – לא נעים לי לבקש כסף מאנשים

Sheyihye sofash naim – Have a nice weekend – שיהיה סופ”ש נעים

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2 comments on “Nice to Meet You Too!

  1. Ani says:

    I would have expected to see “Naim Me’od” on this list – This is the greeting expression I hear a lot more often than “Na’im Lehakir”, especially when being introduced to someone new.
    Na’im Me’od – Very nice/pleasant to meet you – נעים מאד

    1. Gary (Call Me Moti) says:

      Same here – I’ve always just heard Naim Me’od

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