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Who’s last in line? You are? So I’m after you. Today, Guy explains the different uses of אחרון, meaning last or lately, including the saying, last but not least.

New Words and Expressions:

Slicha, mi acharon? – Who’s last in line? – סליחה, מי אחרון

Slicha, ata acharon? – Are you the last? (M.) – סליחה, אתה אחרון 

Slicha, at achrona?’ – Are you the last? (F.) – סליחה, את אחרונה

Az ani acharecha/acharayich – So I am after you – אז אני אחריך/אחרייך

Ba-zman ha-acharon – Lately – בזמן האחרון

La-achrona – Lately – בזמן האחרון

“La-achrona at mezayefet” – Lately you’ve been faking it – לאחרונה את מזייפת

“Ve-yadati she-ha-paam bli safek” – And I knew that that time, without a doubt – וידעתי שהפעם בלי ספק

“Zot ha-paam ha-achrona” – It was the last time – זאת הפעם האחרונה

Zot hayta ha-paam ha-achrona – It was the last time – זאת הייתה הפעם האחרונה

Zot ha-paam ha-achrona – This is the last time – זאת הפעם האחרונה

Pa’am achrona! – This is the last time you do that, or else! – פעם אחרונה

Paam achrona she-at lo no’elet et ha-delet – This is the last time you don’t lock the door – פעם אחרונה שאת לא נועלת את הדלת

“Matai ba-paam ha-achrona, asita mashehu bishvil mishehu?” – When was the last time you did something for someone else? – מתי בפעם האחרונה, עשית משהו בשביל מישהו

Matai haita ha-paam ha-achrona she… – When was the last time that… – מתי הייתה הפעם האחרונה ש

Tagid li kama milim achronot – Tell me a few last words – תגיד לי כמה מילים אחרונות

Ha-gam ata Brutus? – Et Tu Brute? – הגם אתה ברוטוס

Yedioth Ahronot – “Latest news” – ידיעות אחרונות

Ha-seu’da ha-achrona – The Last Supper – הסעודה האחרונה

Acharon acharon haviv – Last but not least (M.) – אחרון אחרון חביב

Achrona achrona haviva – Last but not least (F.) – אחרונה אחרונה חביבה

Ve-acharon acharon haviv… Tomer – And last but not least, Tomer – ואחרון אחרון חביב, תומר

Ve-achrona achrona haviva, Mika – And last but not least, Mika – ואחרונה אחרונה חביבה, מיקה

Playlist and Clips:

Idan Amedi – Ba-zman Ha-acharon (lyrics)

Eden Hason – Bo’i Nishan Al Ze

Rona Keinan – Ha-pa’am ha-achrona (lyrics)

Danny Bassan – Kichlot ha-kol ve-hatmuna (lyrics)

Zehava – Milim Achronot (lyrics)

Jane Bordeaux – Ha-pa’am ha-achrona (lyrics)

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2 comments on “Last But Not Least

  1. Shulamoth Moore says:

    I absolutely LOVE your podcasts! I listen to them on long walks in the urban forest where I live in Aiken, South Carolina. I couldn’t believe it when I heard you read the email from Madeleine, a fellow listener in Charleston SC. I thought that I was the only one in South Carolina with an interest in modern Hebrew (LOL)!! Is there any way that I might connect with Madeleine to share our interest, love, and enthusiasm for the Hebrew language? By the way, I just became a subscriber to the Hebrew podcasts of Streetwise Hebrew, and I am so looking forward to improving my Hebrew and pushing my linguistic comfort zone.
    Todah raba!!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Shalom Shula
      Thanks so much for your kind words.
      I have your email address, I’ll send a message to you right now.

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