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How could it be that we still didn’t dedicate an entire episode to the Hebrew word כסף, money? Let’s correct that wrong. Guy explains the slangy term for someone who is “loaded” with cash, and will also teach a special ‘blessing’ directed towards someone who stole from us.

New Words and Expressions:

Kesef – Money – כסף

Haavarat ksafim – Money transfer – העברת כספים

Lehaavir kesef – To transfer money – להעביר כסף

Laasot kesef – To make money – לעשות כסף

Hu ose kesef mi-ze? – Does he make money from it? – הוא עושה מזה כסף

Walla, efshar laasot mi-ze kesef? – Really, you make money from it? – וואלה, אפשר לעשות מזה כסף

Tachun (be-kesef) – Loaded – טחון בכסף

Lachsoch kesef – To save money – לחסוך כסף

Lekabel kesef mi-mishehu – To receive money from someone – לקבל כסף ממישהו

“tekablu kesef mi-makor bilti yadu’a” – You’ll receive money from an unknown source – תקבלו כסף ממקור בלתי ידוע

Lehachlif kesef – To change money – להחליף כסף

Lihyot hayav le-mishehu kesef – To owe money to someone – להיות חייב למישהו כסף

Kama (kesef) ani hayav lecha? – How much do I owe you? – כמה (כסף) אני חייב לך

“Et Hakesef!” – Show me the money! – את הכסף

Samankal ksafim – CFO – סמנכ”ל כספים

Kaspi – Financial – כספי

Hechzer kaspi – Refund – החזר כספי

Zikuy – Credit – זיכוי

Be’aya kaspit – Financial problem – בעיה כספית

Kaspit, ha-kol beseder – Financially, everything is fine – כספית, הכל בסדר

Kesef kal – Easy money – כסף קל

Kesef – Silver – כסף

Medalyat kesef – Silver medal – מדליית כסף

She-yihye lo (kesef) le-trufot – May he use the money for medication – שיהיה לו (כסף) לתרופות

Playlist and Clips:

Rami Fortis – Ein Kesher (lyrics)

Haavarat Ksafim 

Micha Shitrit – Et Ha-kesef (lyrics)

Matti Caspi – Be-leilot Ha-kayits Ha-chamim (lyrics)

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