Streetwise Hebrew

Going Back and Forth

How do you say “rehearsal” in Hebrew? And what do the Hebrew words for “tax-refund” and “rabbi-preacher” have in common? A root, of course! Guy returns for another Streetwise Hebrew lesson.

Gas Station Conversation

Full service or self service? Diesel or regular? When pulling up to the pump, what Hebrew words and phrases do you need in order to successfully navigate an Israeli gas station? On this episode, Guy tops off the linguistic tank.

Patron Chat: Discussing the News Story Playing Out on the Streets of Tel Aviv

On last month’s patron chat, Guy discussed the major news story in Israel happening right there and then, and reviewed the words and phrases associated with it.

Hamsa Hamsa: Streetwise Hebrew Celebrates 5 Years of Podcasting

The Hamsa symbol, a hand with five fingers, is believed to bring good luck and keep away the evil eye. In Arabic, hamsa is the number five, which just happens to be the number of years we’ve been making our Streetwise Hebrew podcast!

This Podcast Will Fly Off the Shelves

What do we mean when we say “hu af al atsmo” (הוא עף על עצמו), he flies on himself? How about “oof li me-ha-einayim” (עוף לי מהעיניים), fly off my eyes? On this episode, Guy explains all things la’oof, to fly.

The Many Uses of Eich (איך)

Eich (איך), Hebrew for “how”, is a tiny word used very often in spoken Hebrew and in many different contexts. On this episode, Guy explains these uses through several examples from everyday life in Israel.

Busy Beyond Belief

You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all extremely busy these days. The Hebrew word for busy is עסוק. What would you say to your friend if you might not be able to make it to their party? Guy sets aside time from his busy schedule to explain.

Stuck in the Middle with You

Why do Israelis say, “hu taka li berez” (הוא תקע לי ברז), which roughly translates to, “he jammed a faucet on me”? And how do we say, “I’m stuck in the middle seat again”? Guy explains the word litko’a (לתקוע), to stick into, and delves into the nooks and crannies of hardcore Israeli slang. Language warning: things are about to get explicit.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Simha (שמחה) in Hebrew is happiness or joy, but it can also mean a happy event. How would you say “to make someone happy” in Hebrew? Guy explains all things שמח on this extra joyful episode.

Calling All Musicians!

In addition to calling and texting, your cellphone can also act as a “nagan-em-pi-shalosh”. What’s that? Well, without this capability you wouldn’t be able to listen to this podcast on the move! Today’s episode is all about the root נ.ג.נ.