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Where do you go shopping? How do you pay? And what do we say to a friend who just bought something new? Guy explains shopping in Israel.

New Words and Expressions:

Kniyot, shopping – Shopping – קניות

Metsiot – Findings, good deals – מציאות

Mutag, mutagim – Brand name product – מותג

Mutag ha-bayit – Home brand – מותג הבית

Logo, logo’im – Logo, logos – לוגו, לוגואים

Mutsar – Product – מוצר

Mischar – commerce, trade – מסחר

Socher – trader – סוחר

Socharim bi-mnayot chul? – Do you trade in foreign stocks? – סוחרים במניות חו”ל

Mediniyoot ha-hachlafa – The exchange policy – מדיניות ההחלפה

Duchan, duchanim /basta, bastot – Stands (in the market) – דוכנים, בסטות

Hanoot, hannoyot – Shop, shops – חנות, חנויות

Reshet hanooyot – Chain – רשת חנויות

Snif – Branch – סניף

Hanoot yad shniya – Second hand shop – חנות יד שנייה

Makolet – Grocery store – מכולת

Pitsutsiya – Corner store – פיצוצייה

Hanooyot nochoot – Convenience stores – חנויות נוחות

Ani ba-super – I am at the supermarket – אני בסופר

Mezuman – Cash – מזומן

Tavei kniya – Gift certificates – תווי קנייה

Kartis moadon – Loyalty card – כרטיס מועדון

Efshar litsbor nekudot – You can accumulate points – אפשר לצבור נקודות

Playlist and Clips:

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4 comments on “Shopping in Hebrew

  1. Flavio De Fina says:

    As usual, your podcasts are a blessing for us, Hebrew students all over the world.
    I will be the first one to buy any Hebrew material you decide to publish in the future, maybe your podcasts condensed into a book format?
    Thank you so much for your wonderful job and generosity!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba Flavio, thanks so much. I’ll think about your idea!

  2. Gillian braunold says:

    Hi. I have been a keen listener learner since I made Aliya in 2012. Lately thr episodes are simply a list of words with references continuously to previous episodes. This makes for a much less fun experience to listen and learn from

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Thank you for the valuable feedback, Gillian. I will think about what you wrote!

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