StreetWise Hebrew

So, Then…

English has ‘like’ and ‘kinda’. What do Hebrew speakers use as fillers? And what did we borrow from Arabic?

Ummm . . . Uhhh . . . Errr . . .

Guy talks about fillers like ‘Eh’ in Hebrew and about other things we say when we try to think and talk at the same time.

Bored to Death

Bored? Join us to talk for a sec about boredom-bored-boring in Hebrew.

Something Like That

How do you say ‘about 30 people’ in Hebrew? How about ‘around the 7th or the 8th’?

You Don’t Own Me

Gay marriage is new to the world, and Hebrew, a gender-based language, has to face the music and find new ways to talk about it.

Meet The Patrons: Wildfires & Podcasts

Guy’s recent Skype chat with Patrons covered, among other things, California’s wildfires and Hebrew podcasts produced by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation.

All Things Being Equal

The word ‘shavé’ means ‘equal,’ but in slang it also means ‘worth it’, and sometimes ‘cool,’ ‘amazing,’ or ‘good looking.’

A Bundle of ‘Enjoy’

You’ll hear it all the time — when you’re handed a music show ticket, getting the menu, or receiving your shopping bag from the cashier: ‘tehenu’ means ‘enjoy.’ Guy explains how to use this word and its root.

Better Late Than Never

Aharei ha-hagim, “after the holidays” is almost here. That’s a good enough reason to talk about the root alef-het-resh, which means after, late, and tardiness.

סטריטווייז היברו פלוס: אשכרה, גם אני

המילה “אשכרה” היא מילה חשובה בסלנג הישראלי העכשווי. איך משתמשים בה? ואיך כל זה קשור לתכנית בידור בטלוויזיה האפגנית?