Israelis are playing it tough most of the time. ​How do you ask an Israeli to do something for you?​ Here are some ideas on how to make your message come across, without sounding too bossy, which might wreak havoc in the Middle East. ​

​Words and expressions we talk about:

אפשר לקבל מפית?

Efshar lekabel mapit? Efshar mapit?

Could I have a napkin?​

​אתה יכול לתת לי מפית בבקשה?

Ata yakhol latet li mapit bevakasha?

Can you give me a napkin please?

תוכל/תוכלי/תוכלו לתת לי מפית?

Tukhal/Tukhli/Tukhlu latet li mapit?

Will you be able to give me a napkin?

​יש מצב שתיתן לי את האוטו שלך?​

​Yesh matsav she-titen li et ha-oto shelkha?

​”Is there a situation where” you’ll give me your car?

בא לך לעשות את זה עכשיו?

Ba lecha laasot et ze achshav?

Do you feel like doing it now?

בא לך לקלף את האבוקדו?

Ba lach lekalef et ha-avocado?

​Do you feel like peeling the avocado?​



Arik Einstein – Hen efshar

Arik Einstein – Don Quixote  

Ha-saroof – Kol ha-yom sababa 


​Photo by Zipa Kempinsky​

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