Learning from Israelis’ 2018 Music-Listening Habits

What can we learn from the music-listening habits of Israelis in 2018?聽Lots of interesting uses of Hebrew words and phrases!

The internet music service Spotify just published data on the most popular music listened to by Israelis in 2018. We take a look at these songs and revisit our archives in order to remind ourselves when and why we used these songs in previous episodes.


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Spotify Music Lists:






New Words and Expressions:

Kmo shnei meshuga鈥檌m – Like two crazy people – 讻诪讜 砖谞讬 诪砖讜讙注讬诐

Ani mode – I thank – 讗谞讬 诪讜讚讛聽(episode #100)

Mami ze nigmar – Honey it鈥檚 over – 诪讗诪讬 讝讛 谞讙诪专聽(episode #121)

Hu gamar – He finished – 讛讜讗 讙诪专

Habibi – My darling – 讞讘讬讘讬聽(episode #117)

Yesh od anashim ba-reshima – There are more people on the list – 讬砖 注讜讚 讗谞砖讬诐 讘专砖讬诪讛

Bo鈥檌, tni li yad ve-nelech – Come, give me your hand and we鈥檒l go – 讘讜讗讬, 转谞讬 诇讬 讬讚 讜谞诇讱聽(episode #184, episode #78)

Al tevatri – Don鈥檛 give up – 讗诇 转讜讜转专讬 (episode #175)

Al tagid – Don鈥檛 say – 讗诇 转讙讬讚

Halomot tovim – Good dreams – 讞诇讜诪讜转 讟讜讘讬诐聽(episode #199)

Pesek zman – Time out / time off – 驻住拽 讝诪谉聽(episode #48)

Lehafsik – To stop – 诇讛驻住讬拽

Hafsaka – Break – 讛驻住拽讛

Sa le鈥檃t – Drive slowly – 住注 诇讗讟聽(episode #186)

Sa (m.), se鈥檌 (f.), s鈥檕o (pl.) – 鈥楪o!鈥 – 住注, 住注讬, 住注讜

Lifrok – To unload, to unpack – 诇驻专讜拽聽(episode #212)

At poreket kartonim – You鈥檙e unloading, unpacking cardboards – 讗转 驻讜专拽转 拽专讟讜谞讬诐

Lahzor bahazara – To come back – 诇讞讝讜专 讘讞讝专讛聽(episode #227)

Kor鈥檌m li ba-shchuna malkat ha-shoshanim – They call me in the neighborhood the queen of roses – 拽讜专讗讬诐 诇讬 讘砖讻讜谞讛 诪诇讻转 讛砖讜砖谞讬诐

Arba lifnot boker lo nirdemet – 4am, I cannot fall asleep – 讗专讘注 诇驻谞讜转 讘讜拽专 诇讗 谞专讚诪转聽(episode #179)

Arba鈥檃 haverim – Four friends (m. pl.) – 讗专讘注讛 讞讘专讬诐

Arba haverot – Four friends (f. pl.) – 讗专讘注 讞讘专讜转

Misken – Poor – 诪住讻谉聽(episode #230)

Nu dai lehitmasken – Stop complaining – 谞讜, 讚讬 诇讛转诪住讻谉

Lo yoda鈥檃t ma kore li – I don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 happening to me – 诇讗 讬讜讚注转 诪讛 拽讜专讛 诇讬聽(episode #36)

Ma kara? – What happened? – 诪讛 拽专讛?

Ani ma’amin she- – I believe that鈥 – 讗谞讬 诪讗诪讬谉 砖…聽(episode #158)


Playlist and Clips:

Omer Adam – Shnei Meshuga鈥檌m (lyrics)

Omer Adam – Mode Ani (lyrics)

Omer Adam – Mami Ze Nigmar (lyrics)

Omer Adam – Tel Aviv聽(lyrics)

The Idan Raichel Project – Bo鈥檌聽(lyrics)

Eyal Golan – Tslil Meitar聽(lyrics)

Eyal Golan – Halomot聽(lyrics)

Arik Einstein – Pesek Zman聽(lyrics)

Arik Einstein – Sa Le鈥檃t聽(lyrics)

Tuna & Nechi Nech – Olam Meshuga聽(lyrics)

Eden Ben-Zaken – Ad she-tahzor ba-hazara聽(lyrics)

Eden Ben-Zaken – Malkat Ha-shoshanim聽(lyrics)

Yuval Dayan – She鈥檈rioth shel Ha-hayim聽(lyrics)

Yehudit Ravits – Arba Lifnot Boker聽(lyrics)

Jane Bordeaux – Rotza Livkot聽(lyrics on YouTube)

Sarit Hadad – Kshe-ani Itcha Ani Kmo Dag聽(lyrics)

Ha-dag Nachash 鈥 Ani Ma’amin聽(lyrics)

Netta – Toy聽(lyrics)

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  1. Bill Martin says:

    Very much enjoyed this podcast about Israeli music listening habits.

  2. David Harold Chester says:

    Why does this have the heading about “Streetwise Hebrew”? Its very misleading and I stopped it the first time!

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