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The word נגד means against, and its root gives us the Hebrew words for contrast, contradiction and conflict. We’ll also head over to the Knesset in Jerusalem to hear an up or down vote take place.

New Words and Expressions:

Neged – Against, nay – נגד 

Be’ad – For, yea – בעד

Hatsba’ah ba-knesset – A vote in the knesset – הצבעה בכנסת

Haver knesset – Member of Knesset – חבר כנסת

Lihyot be’ad/neged – To be for or against – להיות בעד/נגד

Ani be’ad/neged – I am for/against – אני בעד/נגד

Hayiti be’ad/neged – I was for/against – הייתי בעד/נגד

Trufot savta neged hitkarerut – Grandma’s remedies against the cold – תרופות סבתא נגד התקררות

Kampeyn neged shtiya – A campaign against drinking – קמפיין נגד שתייה

Holech neged ha-ru’ach – Going against the wind – הולך נגד הרוח

Neged declined with pronouns: 

Negdi – Against me -נגדי

Negdecha, negdech, negdo, negda, negdenu, negdechem, negdam – נגדך, נגדך, נגדו, נגדה, נגדנו, נגדכם, נגדם

Lama kulam negdi – Why is everybody against me – למה כולם נגדי

Hem hayu negdi – They were against me – הם היו נגדי

Hu yatsa negdi – He spoke against me – הוא יצא נגדי

Latset neged mishehu – To talk against someone – לצאת נגד מישהו

Ha-olam kulo negdenu – The whole world is against us – העולם כולו נגדנו

Ein li shum davar ishi negdecha – I don’t have anything personal against you (m.) – אין לי שום דבר נגדך

Ein li shum davar ishi negdech – I don’t have anything personal against you (f.) – אין לי שום דבר נגדך

O she-ata itam, o she-ata negdam – You’re either for them, or against them – או שאתה איתם, או שאתה נגדם

Mi neged mi – Who is playing against whom – מי נגד מי

“Ha-shniya higati, ten li daka lishtot cafe, lehavin mi neged mi” – “I just got to the office, let me get some coffee and see what’s going on” – השנייה הגעתי, תן לי דקה לשתות קפה, להבין מי נגד מי

Negdi – Counter, opposing – נגדי

Ba-kivun ha-negdi – In the other direction – בכיוון הנגדי

Omes daroma – Heavy traffic southbound – עומס דרומה

Ba-kivun ha-negdi patuach – Traffic in the other direction is flowing – בכיוון הנגדי פתוח

Rak mul hitnagdut tsomchim – You can grow only against opposition – רק מול התנגדות צומחים

Yeled she-mitnaged la-horim – A kid who is against his parents – ילד שמתנגד להורים

Yesh mitnagdim? – Anyone against? – ?יש מתנגדים

Hitnagdut le- – Opposition to, resistance against – התנגדות ל

Nigud – Contrast, opposite – ניגוד

Be-nigud le- – As opposed to – בניגוד ל

Ze be-nigud la-hok – It’s against the law – זה בניגוד לחוק

Ze be-nigud la-heskem beineinu – It goes against our agreement – זה בניגוד להסכם בינינו

Nigud inyanim – Conflict of interest – ניגוד עניינים

Ke-neged kol ha-sikuyim – Against All Odds – כנגד כל הסיכויים

Playlist and Clips:

Be’ad o neged – בעד או נגד

Shalom Hanoch – Neged Ha-ru’ach (lyrics)

Lo hitnagadta, lo tsamachta – לא התנגדת, לא צמחת

Nigud inyanim – Conflict of interest

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  1. Flavio De Fina says:

    Lucky your students to have such a wonderful teacher!

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Toda raba Flavio!

  2. Barry says:

    Is it possible to make the vocabulary list a printable pdf. I copy everything over and then can barely read my own handwriting

    1. Guy Sharett says:

      Thanks for this, Barry, I will pass your request to the technical people.

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