World Cup Hebrew Lingo

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You’re home, in front of the TV screen, watching one of the most important football games in the world cup. Suddenly, your team goes on the offensive. This could be the big moment. What Hebrew words and phrases do you shout in order to help bring them to victory?

New Words and Expressions:

Yalla – Yalla – יאללה

Nu – Come on – נו

Yeshhhhhhhhh – Yeaaaaaah! – יששששש

Ta’avir ta’kadur – Pass the ball – תעביר ת’כדור

Timsor ta’kadur – Pass the ball – תמסור ת’כדור

Ta’avir kadima – Move the ball forward – תעביר קדימה

Kadima – Go forward – קדימה

Hinne – Here it is – הינה

Yofi! – Great! – יופי

Ten! – Give! – תן

Playlist and Clips:

Shlomi Arbeitman – Pass pass, it’s a come

Elai Botner & Yaldei Ha-huts – Kadima Hal’ah (lyrics)

Matti Caspi – Hinne-Hinne (lyrics)

Roni Dalumi – Ten (lyrics)

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