Streetwise Hebrew

Exploring Hebrew’s Mellowest, Sloppiest Corner

Careless improvisation is a well-developed art in Israel. The Hebrew word for it – itself an improvisation of sorts – is the focus of this episode.

A dose of vitamin P to heal your bureaucratis

Here’s a few useful words that will help you make sense of Israeli bureaucracy and get through it in one piece.


When we need to use a foreign word in Hebrew, what do we do?

Can You…?

How do you ask an Israeli to do something for you without sounding like a bossy-pants?


Relationships are hard. Here are some Hebrew slang terms to express your undying love — or lack thereof — with your significant other.


The word beseder means okay, alright, and is one of the first words you learn in Hebrew. But where did it come from and what does it literally mean? And what’s the connection to the Ashdod Port?

The imperative

Often the ‘real’ imperative of our language sounds archaic to us, so we use the future instead. Here’s a short manual to the Hebrew imperative.


​How do we say darling or honey in Hebrew? And can we use kapara and motek to both male and female? Listen to our lovey dovey podcast.

Saying it Twice

​Why do we sometimes repeat the same word twice in Hebrew? Mashu-mashu, gever-gever, for example. Today we’ll talk about reduplication in Hebrew and… about Belize.

Service in Israel

Why don’t we have good service in Israel? And how do you ask the waiter for recommendations if you’re not sure what to order?